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Which Maternity TENS is right for you?

Too much choice? 

Not sure which TENS to order?
Allow us to help you decide with a little extra info...

Firstly you need to use a Maternity TENS unit rather than a general TENS unit that you might have used or had friends use for back pain relief. This is because the nerve stimulation provided by a maternity TENS unit for relief of acute labour pains is different to the stimulation required for relief of general chronic pain conditions such as back ache and arthritis. The maternity TENS units come with larger electrode pads to cover the nerve endings necessary to provide relief during labour. Most units also have a boost button to increase the stimulus and pain relief during contractions.

Mama TENS / Elle TENS -

Mama TENS 'My Time'
This is the same as the Mama TENS but has much finer control of strength and the added feature of a timer built into the TENS unit to allow the timing of your contractions, overall labour time etc. With 3 preset programmes for each stage of labour, the MyTime also features a boost button to be used during contractions.

Femme TENS -
Extremely popular model. Same as Elle TENS under the cover, but this model lacks the digital display.
Has pulse 'width' variable option aswell as 'pulse strength' variable.
Separate booster button - TENS in your pocket - 'booster' in your hand.

Obi TENS -
A more simplified version of the Femme TENS with no option to vary the 'pulse width'
Very easy to use.
Updated version of the Lady TENS - nicer looking unit
Booster button for contractions built into unit.

Lady TENS -
The original maternity TENS machine, simple to use and basic - but less therefore to think about!
Booster button for contractions built into unit.

All of the units offer the same level of pain relief as each other.

The MamaTENS can be hired for 6 full weeks for the same current special offer price of £19.99 (£29.99 for 'MamaTENS My Time')

All hires include everything that you need for labour - pads, batteries, leads etc.

If there is anything else that you need to know, please email us at and we will do our best to help.

Why Buy or Hire a Maternity TENS machine from us ?

We opened for business shortly after we had our first baby in 2003.

Our midwife suggested that we hire a TENS machine to help with the pain of labour, but we struggled to find a company that would hire one to us, and we didn't want the expense of buying one.

Once we did manage to find a reputable Maternity Tens machine, and used it for pain relief whilst giving birth to our daughter, we realised that other mums would benefit from using one too, and started this business to offer that service.

As are pleased to offer 'mums to be' a friendly, efficient and very competitively priced service.Maternity TENS / Obstetric machines are becoming a very popular choice for expectant mums who either want to try to use as few drugs as possible for the birth, or those who just want every type of pain relief available to them !

Most women find a Maternity / Obstetric TENS machine very effective and easy to use. Some like it better than other forms of pain relief because they retain control and there has never been any suggestion of any harm to either mother or baby from the use of one.

First time Mums may need stronger forms of pain relief as labour progresses, second and third time around Mums report finding using a Maternity / Obstetric TENS machine a very effective method of pain relief used just by itself.

Once we have received your completed order form and your payment we will despatch your Maternity / Obstetric  TENS machine directly to your home, three weeks before your due date.

If your baby arrives later than expected, please give us a call, and we will extend the hire period by two weeks.

If you have any questions, please email us